How To Book Your Holiday

1. Search for Your Hotel or Package

You can book anything from day tours, transfers, coaches, travel packages and accommodation on JourneyMalaysia. Just search for your intended destination in our website and get access to a wealth of information, written for travellers by travellers.

2. Booking

When you’re satisfied and ready to book, all you need to do it click the “Add To My Trips” button situated at the top-right of every page.

3. Head Over To The Form

Once that is done, head over to your own personalised booking form by clicking on “My Trips” in the header.

4. Fill Up The Form Accordingly

Once there, just fill up the form accordingly and when that’s done, just hit “Submit” and you’re set to go. We will send you follow-up emails on availability, confirmation and payment methods once your booking has been acknowledged and from then onwards, it’s happy holidays ahead!