Pengkalan Anak Gajah (Perahu Kolek) - Pantai Sabak, Kelantan Malaysia

The wooden fishing boats moored at Pengkalan Anak Gajah are brightly painted with an assortment of motifs , mainly of flora as encouraged by the Islamic movement to steer away from using human and animal motifs. However, there are still a number of examples that bring back the tradition to the civilised era of Langkasuka. (A Sanskrit word meaning “Land of Resplendence”). And truly it may have been from remnants of resplendent art and traditions which remain strong in the hearts of a few who resist in order to forge ahead their knowledge despite growing frictions from others due to ignorance and blind faith. The perahu kolek as it is known in Malay have been around as long as villages have been established along the east coast of the peninsular. The more intricate perahu kolek as we see at this estuary just round the corner from Pantai Sabak, are now built and imported from Thailand, from the Patani area.

The boatmakers there include the bangau (crane) into the design. In the eyes of fishermen, the crane is a creature that brings good catch as it is regarded very skilled at catching fish at the same time it protects the fishermen from the perils of the sea. A good luck charm so to speak..