Facts & Fiction

General Information

Considered warm and friendly by most tourist and travellers - Malaysians are a motley crew of Malay, Chinese, Indians, Portuguese mixed parentage and indigenous peoples - living harmoniously here. For a short history of how we got here, click to :- historyofmalaya

Hot and humid, between 26-32 C. Rainy season on West Coast of Peninsular Malaysia between May and Sept, but be prepared for a downpour anytime. Monsoon on the east coast starts from Nov and ends in Feb, so for those who want to visit one of our many islands on the east coast, don&;t schedule your travel during these months.

Population of Malaysia totals about 24.8 million and close to 2 million reside in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia.

In the city, most of us speak, or at least understand Malay and English. The different races speak their own dialects too. If you&;re planning to get out of the city, it might be useful to carry around a pocket dictionary or print a copy of our 'Speak Malay' section

Currency & Money
Ringgit Malaysia (RM), is currently at USD1=RM3.++. If you intend to do some major shopping, most of our large retail outlets accept major credit cards. Moneychangers are also located all around the city. However, if you're planning to travel to some lesser travelled places, bring some extra cash with you.

Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and other religions are practiced freely in Malaysia. For a short history of Christianity in Malaysia, click to :- christianity

Getting Here
Getting to Malaysia is easy. Check with your travel agent, many of the major airlines schedule flights to KLIA. If you&;re in Thailand or Singapore, you can take a train, plane, coach or even self drive!! For details on airlines, train schedules and bus services, click to :- transportation