Gua Batu Maloi Forest Reserve Caving Adventure Trip (off Tampin) ~ Negri Sembilan

Gua Batu Maloi is located within the Mount Tampin Forest Reserve, near Kampung Tanggai in Negri Sembilan.
This is a wet cave and wet may be an understatement. In fact, it is almost a river cave with water gushing and traversing through the cave like a funnel.

This is not a cave for those who are claustrophobic (fear of tight, enclosed spaces) or aquaphobic (fear of water). The total length of time spent within the confines of the cave will be anything from 2 to 4hours being approximately 1km in length. So be prepared with some bottled water and snack, waterproof camera if need be, waterproof bag to carry your valuable belonging and such.

There is a place for you to check out if you are into adventure and extreme outdoor activities Trekking through the Mount Tampin Forest Reserve track, observe the beauty of nature; wild shrubs growing in abundance, fallen logs and branches green with moss, the warmth of the sun filtering through the tall branches overhead, dried leaves and flowers scattered on the forest floor -- the combination form a captivating picture usually found only in books and magazines. This lush rainforest with all its treasures is house to Batu Maloi Cave.

The adventure trip to Gua Batu Maloi will begin way before you reach the cave system. Starting from Mount Tampin Forest Reserve, you must trek to the cave.

Batu Maloi Cave is more of a congregation of huge and many, many boulders with a combination of two rivers (from Gunung Tampin and Gunung Datuk), its waters snaking its way through these huge (and many, many) granite boulders. The caving takes you through, up, under, over and around these huge boulders. You will have to snake, climb, slide, crawl, be on all fours, sometimes flat on your back (or stomach) and dive underwater to work your way through the caves.

Gua Batu Maloi Forest Reserve Caving Adventure Trip (off Tampin) ~ valid till 31st December 2016
(rates based on per package per person)

Group Size Package 2D1N Day Trip Package
5-15pax RM 660.00/pax RM348.00/pax
15pax or above RM 459.00/pax RM242.00/pax

Package Includes:

* Meals * Accommodation (Tents) * Guide fees * Activities Gears * Entrance Permit * Insurance * all the activities charges of the trip.

*Meeting Point : Tampin

Things to bring :

* Sleeping bag, toiletries, waterproof headlight/torchlight, trekking shoes, clothings for 2 days, insect repellent, drinking water (at least 1.5L)

Please Note:

* All packages above are subject to availability * The above rates are in Malaysian Ringgit * All rates are subject to revision without prior notice * Due to the nature of the tour, the weather, road condition, local circumstances, prevailing safety factors, the route & itinerary may vary to those published but the content of the tour will remain the same. The final decision of the actual itinerary will be made by us on the day of the tour * Booking requires a minimum of 5 days in advance for trip preparation, unless joining the scheduled tours

Location :

Batu Maloi Cave is located in Hutan Lipur Batu Maloi in Kg Tanggai, in the town of Air Mawang, Johol, Negeri Sembilan. The easiest route to get there would be to come from Kuala Pilah and head towards Tampin. You will see Air Mawang town before Tampin and the turn off towards the campsite is on your right, in the middle of the town itself (look for Air Mawang Police Station signage to guide you)

Itinerary 2 Days 1 Night

Day 1

3.00pm Arrive at Batu Maloi Forest Reserve/ Pitch tent

4.00pm Rock-abseiling/ tree climbing

5.30pm Rest/ shower

7.00pm BBQ Dinner

9.00pm Night jungle explore

10.30pm Good night

Day 2

8.00am Breakfast

9.00am Caving adventure

12.00noon Lunch

12.30pm Shower/ dismantle tent

1.30pm Departure