Bellevue Hotel - Penang Hill, Penang Malaysia


a 12 room colonial type of hotel with simple set up. It has unique collections on rare species of Birds, Flora and Fauna at the Aviary Garden and a spectacular Panoramic View Restaurant.

The environment offers Cool Fresh Air and Lush of Greens!

The hotel also feature ‘I.T. Water System’ which uses Nano technology to produce detergent free (ORP) water.

800 meters above sea level on Bukit Bendera (Flag Hill) and enjoy a spectacular panoramic view; overlooking Georgetown and Straits of Malacca.

The hotel was once a historic residence of Mr. Halliburton, the first Sherriff of Prince of Wales Island (Pulo Pinang); dating back to the early 18th century under the British East India Company, hence the site was named Halliburton’s Hill.


Penang or Pulau Pinang ~ Penang Hill ~ heritage

Room Type

12 units of limited Single, Twin and Three Bedded Family rooms

Room Description

The hotel ‘Tamura Water System’ which uses Nano technology to produce detergent free (ORP) water; ones does not have to use any shampoo, soap, tooth paste or any detergent to bath, wash or brush teeth. It will also deodorizes bad odors and get rid of good old dirt!

The water is ionized, micro clustered and good for drinking.

Facilities & Activities

The Gardens features a private collection of native and exotic birds (with permits for avi-culture) -some of which were originally 'rescued' from the wildlife trade - including Pheasants (Argus, Peafowl, Crested Fireback), Parrots (cockatoos, eclectus, macaws), Pigeons (Nicobar, Crown, Pied Imperial) & Hornbills (Rhinoceros, Wreathed, Tarictic)
The Botanical Collection include rare and endangered Malaysian plants under ex situ conservation (a research programme undertaken by Folia malaysiana, with a larger counterpart collection at Suriana Gardens*. The plant list includes Palms (e.g. Areca tunku), Gingers (many rare or new species), Orchids, Ferns, etc. Other notable flora include the Jade Vine, Bauhinia, Passiflora, Chonemorpha, Calathea, Begonia, Bromeliads - and the native Maingaya malayana. In the grounds of Bellevue are to be found many interesting Tree species, such as Dacrydium elata, Pangium edule, Glennia philippinensi, Garcinia atro-viridis, etc.
4WD can be arranged upon request to the hotel or you may want to experience the funicular train, either choice of transportation will provide you with unforgettable fun memory.

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