• Nyonya Cooking with Pearly Kee ~ George Town, Penang Malaysia

    Welcome to Penang Homecooking School and I am Pearly the homecook teacher, coach or food specialist. In this site, you get to know more about cooking class or food in Penang, Malaysia. Our food in Penang can be said to be the driving force of people coming to Penang. So I would say Penang food which is a big part of Malaysian food is now most popular in the world. It is not surprising people are traveling to Penang for the food and our beautiful heritage.

  • Nazlina's Cooking Classes ~ George Town, Penang Malaysia

    Upstairs we do from Monday to Saturday cooking classes while downstairs we have afternoon cooking demonstrations, walking, heritage and food tours plus an additional range of hiking and nature tours in Penang and Perak available.

  • Heritage on a Plate Food Tour ~ George Town, Penang Malaysia

    Enjoy delicious dishes and discover the story of George Town with us. We believe there's more to food than just the taste. Penang's food is like a storybook, every page written in eclectic flavours. It is a story that has captivated and amazed us and we want to share it with you. Learn more about our Lunch Hop and Dinner Hop

  • Tropical Spice Garden Cooking Classes - Penang, Malaysia

    A first of it's kind in Penang, the school is custom-made with individual purpose-built workstations that allows for a memorable hands-on cooking experience.Tucked away in a secluded corner of the gardens, the cooking school is surrounded by jungle trees and wildlife, a small herb garden and a glimpse of the Andaman Sea.